Just thought you Origins folks would like to know...

The fella who created "Schlock: The Card Game" will be running a round of Schlock at Origins for those of you who are interested. In case you haven't ever played Schlock, it's a cross between Nanofictionary and the Smithee Awards. You make up bad movies with the prompting of cards drawn and then people vote on how bad your movie is. It's a lot of fun to play or watch so without further ado from the Schlockers themselves:

"That Mangy Schlock-Dog" will be Thursday at 7PM in the Tabletop room.
There are only 5 seats for contestants, but everyone else is welcome to crowd around and bring homemade balloting kits. (For small values of everyone, I guess - we haven't yet merited our own conference room.)
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Top Five Zombie Movies

I took some time to ponder, and came up with this list of my Top Five Zombie Movies. What are your favorite zombie movies? And why? For the purpose of this exercise, define "zombie" (or for that matter, "zombie movie") as broadly as you like. I defined it quite broadly.

1. Shaun of the Dead

It was a funny take on zombies which in no way robbed them of their underlying disturbing qualities.

2. Dead Alive

It took the zombie phenomenon to a completely (il)logical conclusion, and remained personable in that oddly-likeable early-Peter-Jackson-way. And it brought "returning to the womb" to a new disturbing extent, while redeeming the lawnmower as a zombie-fighting weapon.

3. Enter ... Zombie King!

Is it a zombie movie with luchadores, or a luchadore movie with zombies? Who cares?! It's ludicrously entertaining. Certainly the ne plus ultra of zombie/luchadore films.

4. House of the Dead II

It had everything that you want in a run-of-the-mill zombie movie, done well (if not too expensively). It had gore, but didn't fetishize the viscera. It had scary bits. Funny bits. Character development. It had your standard (cliched?) zombie downer ending without being nihilistic. I know nothing of the first (Uwe-Boll-directed) film, but I really enjoyed the sequel.

5. Zombie Lake

The classic (to my mind) Nazi Zombie film. French-produced, and with copious nudity. Also, a classic good-zombie-on-bad-zombie knife fight. A little girl telling an assembled group of villagers, "Bring me a bucket of blood."

Just missed: The Dead Next Door, I Was A Teenage Zombie.

#1 and #2 were not Smithee movies. #3, I cannot make up my mind. #4 will be a Smithee movie, and #5 is a classic Smithee movie.

Roger Corman's Governor's Award

Crossposted to darksumomo.

When Roger Corman won a Governor's Award tonight, an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement, part of me was thrilled. The other part went, wait a minute, weren't some of his films some of the most outrageous classic horror and exploitation films around, many so bad they're Smithee worthy? It turns out, yes, they are. Let's see what our new Lifetime Achievement winner is responsible for.

Four Smithee nominated movies under the cut, including a winner for "Alas, Poor Yorick'!Collapse )
Thought you all might find that amusing.
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Conan O'Brien: Our Ally In Hollywood

*taptaptap* Is this thing on?

I wanted to make everyone aware that Conan O'Brien has now mentioned Smithee movies on his show, TWICE! He started a new bit talking about how he was going to be the new Oprah and suggest things that his audience would all go out and buy. His first product suggestion was several weeks ago was Killdozer, which I thought was amazing because I would never have heard of that movie outside of the Smithees, but clearly someone at Conan knew about it. Then on the December 1 episode (available at he demanded his audience go out and buy Leprechaun in the Hood. He even showed clips!

Thanks for supporting the bad movie cause, Conan!

Sometimes, It's Not ALL About the Bacon...

A week or two ago we realized that the Smithee Awards falls on Passover this year which makes it extra hard for our Jewish Smitheeites to enjoy unhealthy snacks. For some reason, quite a lot of the Smithee fare isn't kosher, much less kosher for Passover. Imagine that! So Iron Chef Smithee, with a little ICSiT help here and there, has been collecting special snacks rated kosher Passover so everyone can enjoy Smithee munchies. I'm afraid that they don't really make odd Passover kosher unhealthy snacks though, so those of you keeping kosher will have to settle for stuff that is slightly better than the usual Smithee chow.

I'll post this also on the Smithee-awards LJ eventually (maybe tomorrow) but I thought I might as well post here because it's getting kinda dusty and I'm on a Spring cleaning thing.
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Because We Have a Thing for Bacon

Long standing Smitheeite slyon found a wonderful site that has directions on how to make bacon cups. Mmmmmm....bacon....and you know from reading here that we have a thing for bacon at the Smithees. Well a lot of us do and the lot of us who do don't really like the vegetable all that much so ixnay on the aladsay. Besides, that's almonst healthy. Which brings me to my musings for bacon cups: What should go in to them? Slyon suggested meat loaf, I rallied for eggs and taters, pulled pork or possibly crabcake, Slyon countered with cheese souffle.

So how about you Smithee folk out there...what are you going to put in your bacon cups?