boo (booniverse) wrote in smithee_talk,

Sometimes, It's Not ALL About the Bacon...

A week or two ago we realized that the Smithee Awards falls on Passover this year which makes it extra hard for our Jewish Smitheeites to enjoy unhealthy snacks. For some reason, quite a lot of the Smithee fare isn't kosher, much less kosher for Passover. Imagine that! So Iron Chef Smithee, with a little ICSiT help here and there, has been collecting special snacks rated kosher Passover so everyone can enjoy Smithee munchies. I'm afraid that they don't really make odd Passover kosher unhealthy snacks though, so those of you keeping kosher will have to settle for stuff that is slightly better than the usual Smithee chow.

I'll post this also on the Smithee-awards LJ eventually (maybe tomorrow) but I thought I might as well post here because it's getting kinda dusty and I'm on a Spring cleaning thing.
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