Donald (brightorange14) wrote in smithee_talk,

Not that anybody cares, but

Most Ludicrous Premise - Zontar, the Thing from Venus
Oblivious - Bloodfist
Wanna Run That By Me Again? - Phantom from 10000 Leagues (I was outraged that this didn't win)
Let's Up The Rating To 'R' - Chopper
Alas, Poor Yorick - Dark Descent
Deus Ex Machina - Transmorphers (more than meets the optical nerve)
Stupidest-Looking Monster - Robovampire
Worst Science - Carnasaur 3
Best One-Liner - Scarecrow Gone Wild
Worst Cover Copy - Good Against Evil
Cutting Butter With A Chainsaw - New World Disorder
Inane Dialogue - Superargo
Whoops! - Metallica
WHAT?! - Creepers
Acting Appropriately Stupid - Komodo
Worst Special Effect - Nemesis 4
Crummiest Ending - Monster-a-go-go. (This vote was a shame. People liked the ending to Creepers.)
Worst Acting - Ari Barak
Worst Picture - Revenge of Dr. X

Serious props to the selection committee this year. Lots of hard choices. I think the hardest for me may have been Wanna Run That By Me Again? Dr. Tarr's certainly made little to no sense, but I would have put it in the Most Ludicrous Premise category, and I was too uncomfortable with the racial aspects of the clip to vote for it.
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