smithee_awards (smithee_awards) wrote in smithee_talk,

more bacon!

On Wednesday, we experimented with the perfect breakfast food.

Cinnamon rolls with strips of bacon inside. My mouth waters just thinking of them.

We partially cooked the bacon in the microwave (approximately 2:55 for 8 pieces -- we stopped when booniverse was willing to accept that they would finish cooking in the oven). A tube of pre-bought cinnamon rolls was unrolled, the bacon was placed on top of the cinnamon snake, then they were rolled back up and placed in a 400 degree over for about 10-12 minutes (basically, we followed the package instructions).

They were pulled from the oven smelling of cinnamon and sizzling with a little lake of grease spreading across the cookie sheet.

After cooling slightly, they were spread with the provided frosting.

Are they as good as they sound? No.

They're better.

Tags: recipes, snacks
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