smithee_awards (smithee_awards) wrote in smithee_talk,

Just thought you Origins folks would like to know...

The fella who created "Schlock: The Card Game" will be running a round of Schlock at Origins for those of you who are interested. In case you haven't ever played Schlock, it's a cross between Nanofictionary and the Smithee Awards. You make up bad movies with the prompting of cards drawn and then people vote on how bad your movie is. It's a lot of fun to play or watch so without further ado from the Schlockers themselves:

"That Mangy Schlock-Dog" will be Thursday at 7PM in the Tabletop room.
There are only 5 seats for contestants, but everyone else is welcome to crowd around and bring homemade balloting kits. (For small values of everyone, I guess - we haven't yet merited our own conference room.)
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