Dusting Off the Smithee-Talk

Hello! P-Ninja here. On a whim I Googled "recipes bacon" just to see if there was something Smithee worthy out there. That's how I found the Bacon Fat Ginger Cookies last time (they were gooo-oood!). This time I didn't find any one single recipe that stood out but I did find a bacon blog! Wrock!

Also amusing in my hunt for bacony goodness was a collected recipe page I found with a pack of bacon recipes and way, way down at the bottom a link for "How to cook vegetarian". Because pig is a plant?
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Is Anyone Still Out There?

OK, I just ran across a recipe for bacon gingerbread cookies and I thought, "OoooOOoooo, how Smithee!" Then I thought I might do an informal poll thing for weird Smitheesque recipes. Then THEN then, I had another thought all together about asking peeps to share any odd or unusual recipes they have run across.

Well? Anyone out there run across something like bacon gingersnaps that sounds incredibly Smithee?
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Bottoming out

I have more than one movie review to post at smithee_awards, but due to an unfortunate combination of laziness at home and busyness at work, I have not yet gotten around to doing so. And instead of doing it now, I'm going to talk about the current imdb bottom 100, focusing specifically on Smithee films, films I've seen, and potential-Smithee-films-to-be.Collapse )

The imdb bottom 100 changes regularly, and every so often I like to check in on it ... usually I have seen less than a dozen of the movies on it.
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Smithees Wikied

Hey, this seems like the perfect means for posting something like this: I found a little something something Smithee-esque on the Origins International Game Expo wikipedia entry. Take a look see at the very last pic there on the right. Could that be...us? Well I'll be...for the moment it IS us. I'm thinking that this might be one of the shots the official GAMA photographer took as he was flitting about at the awards ceremony. I'm still looking to see if GAMA will be having some sort of pics page up at some point in time since I'm curious to see if any more Smithee shots crop up.
Ball of Christmas


This past weekend we did a birthday thing in which MEATSAGNA was made/created. See, the birthday girl is a meatatarian who is also living a low carb life and I had some tomato sauce and cottage cheese to use up. Yeah, I'm a cheap bastard and refuse to spend $$ on ricotta when Cottage cheese will do the trick nicely and not make the pocket book cry. Respect the pocket book! So I thought, "Hmmm. What can I replace the noodles with that will work for lasagna and be vaguely tasty? Ohhhhhh, BACON!" And thus, Meatsagna was born.

Make it:
2 packs bacon
1.5 quart tubs o' Cottage cheese
1 lb MEAT! We used browned turkey.
4-6 cups tomato-y lasagna-y sauce.
lots shredded cheddar cheese.

Cook the bacon. We found that using the microwave method got the best results: Paper towel, single layer of bacon, paper towel, microwave high for as many minutes as there are pieces of bacon. Perfect! Brown the MEAT, add spices if you want, add it to the tom sauce* if you want or not. We did but we are lazy. In a smallish 8ish x 10ish pan, put a layer of tom sauce on the bottom, followed by a layer of bacons. Cheese, MEATsauce, bacon, cheese, MEATsauce, bacon and top with a generous hat of shredded cheddar cheese. Pop into a 350 degree oven, bake for 45 minutes covered, then 15 minutes uncovered to give the cheese time to get all deliciously brown. Cut, serve, eat. It's even better the next day.

*We have a bitchin' recipe for tom sauce which is the Bomb: Saute onion & garlic until the onions are translucent, add canned diced tomatoes, bay leaves, oregano, thyme, salt, maybe some other spices and simmer for 20 minutes. MmmmMmmm!

Smithee GORP...More or Less

I haven't made it yet (because I iz teh lazy) but it will show up again this year and it is, at least in my mind, a traditional Smithee snack. But that might be because I made it up.

BTW, GORP stands for "Gobs Of Raisins and Peanuts" Now you know. Anyway, there really is not official recipe per se but if you want to make Smithee GORP at home, here's what you will need:
Clicky for the MEAT! Which there isn't any of in GORP. YetCollapse )

Smithee Sweet 16

Battalions of clips have been assembled -- soul-killing endings, scenery-chewing actors, plots that shatter the fragile suspension of disbelief...

Bottle of Jones Thanksgiving Sodas stand tall, backed by velveeta fudge and giant pixie sticks...

Insane cackles fill the air of the super-secret laboratory of the Smith-ka-teers...
This can only mean...

An Attack! The 16th Annual Smithee Awards are invading a town near you!

The assault upon your senses -- upon sanity itself! -- begins at 7 pm on Saturday, April 21 1800 Chem on the University of Michigan campus. As always, items that purport to be food and beverages of colors not found in nature will be provided. Admission is free, and not recommended for children under age 18, those suffering from heart conditions or other infirmities, and those with delicate sensibilities.

We looks forward to seeing you there!

-Amy, Your Friendly Ballot Bimbo

Schlongdorf ring road

As promised, here is the recipe for bacon bars (under a soon-to-be cut). You notice that it involves a lot of Kraft products. It's actually from Kraft.com (by way of dagoski).

Recipe and pointers under the cutCollapse )

This recipe contains no tomatoes, walnuts, filberts, okra, kale, cattywhompus, kohlrabi, coconut, or other harbingers of evil. Although it does possess a thousand screaming souls of your ancestors. In case you were wondering.

Unhealthy Snack Recipe: Velveeta Fudge

Hola Smitheeites. There are only 18 more shopping days until the Ann Arbor Smithee 16 show and already I've begun to think about Unhealthy snacks. Then I thought; why just think about them, why not post them to share with everybody? So I am. I badgered dotquirk into finding me the recipe for Velveeta fudge, which she did. And now I give it to you. Behold: The official (or one of them at least; two separate people have shown up at the Smithees with Velveeta fudge in the past) Smithee Awards Velveeta Fudge recipe.
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Pull My Head

Up In The Air, Jr. Smitheemen

One week from now the Guru, Iron Chef, Chief Ballot Bimbo and I will be looking for our ride to our accommodations in Massachusetts; hosting state of ConBust. We're also discussing whether "Ballot Bimbo" is an appropriate title given the con's mission. Among other things. Like...are we even on the schedule yet? Yes? No? AM I BLIND!!?!!

Also, I thought I might post a little something something here because Smithee Talk is languishing.